Registration :

You must enter your real naam, address, city and country details.

( We will never give your information to someone else and only with a dutch court ruling. )
( Be sure you set your Privacy on for all the domains. )
( otherwise someone else can see your information via whois information. )

( If you not want your informatie in our database send your information via email
and registrate a account and fill in on the address, postcode and city fields "o/e"
if a not have a email from you with in the next 24 hours this account will be deleted. )

It is strictly forbidden to have more then 1 account per person.

( if you want more than 5 subdomains upgrade your account. )

You my not use a Proxy/Tor server for registration.

It is not posible to registrate more than 1 accounts with the same ipaddress.

Accounts which do not comply with these rules will be deleted without warning.
Please make sure you fill in a correct working email address.

( We will send you a activation email. )

Disposable email addresses are not allowed.

Accounts that are not activated in 3 days will be deleted.

Dynamic IP address update :


long output is : "OK record changed” or “OK no record changed”


short output is only "OK"

errors are always long output

The recordkey can be found under DNS.
Beware if your save the settings for a domain the record key will change automatically !!!
and your dynamic update will not work anymore with the old key.

Dynamic update automatically checks if your ip address is correct and if it is a IPv4 or IPv6 address.

example :